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New Visit Dates FAQ

ABC is excited to announce NEW VISIT DATES will be open starting June 2024 through the calendar year! Read below for answers to the most commonly asked questions.

How is ABC able to offer more dates?

ABC knows our multifamily visits sell out quickly, and wanted to find a way to alleviate this. Oscar Johnson Jr Community Center has partnered with ABC to open most Saturday mornings for visits! 

Are there any dates that won't be available?

Due to prior commitments and/or holiday closures, there will be no visit on November 30th or December 14th.

How will sign-ups for visits work?

Sign-ups work the same as they have in the past. Sign-ups open at 8 am the prior Saturday to a visit and close by Wednesday at 5pm, or until spaces sell out. 

My court order states our visitation is on the Saturdays following the first, third, and fifth Fridays of the month. Can my child attend these extra visits?

ABC does not possess court authority to give permission for missing or attending extra visitation. Please correspond with your attorney to determine the best course of action.

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