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      ABC Fee Schedule
Enrollment & Annual Registration


VP Registration Fee

RP Registration Deposit

Intake No-Show Fee

Annual Registration Fee*

Inactive Status Reregistration Fee**

Reregistration Fee***








ALL RPs must pay their own deposit regardless of court language.

VPs are responsible for all other fees.

Refer to our FAQ for more details.

*Due from VPs upon first visit of calendar year

**Due from participants who do not exercise their visitation rights for 3 months

***Due from participants who do not exercise their visitation rights for 6 months


Due from participants who formally stopped visitation and would like to resume services

Visitation Fees and Rates

Income Based Sliding Scale


$10,001 - $19,999

$20,000 - $29,999

$30,000 - $39,999

$40,000 - $59,999

$60,000 - $79,999

$80,000 - $99,999











Virtual Visit (Zoom)


Guest Fee


Private Visit



$25 per guest


$150 first hour; $50 additional hour

Late Fees & Cancellation/No-Show Fees


VP Late Arrival

VP No-Show

RP No-Show

RP No/Late Confirmation

Non-Compliance/Suspension Fee

(any and all violations of Agreement to Participate Contract)


$75.00 each occurrence

Full Rate of MFV Fee + next visit

Full Rate of MFV Fee


$100 along with suspension of services for a set period of time

ABC reserves the right to refuse services after repeated violations

Director Conference Fee


Conference/Meeting with Attorney or client

(Zoom only)


$75.00 per hour

Court and Report Fees


Court Appearance/Subpoena




Travel Fee

(outside of Montgomery County)

Expedited Court Appearance/Subpoena

Observation Report Request

(must be given 10 days notice)

Subsequent Observation Report Requests

Visit Summary Request

(dates of all visits attended on letterhead)

Expedited Records Request

(reports needed sooner than 10 days)


$400.00 - includes 4 hours of court time & 1- hour prep time per person. $50.00 per each additional hour 

$400 + $50.00 per hour travelled



$150.00 - up to 50 pages, $1 additional for each subsequent page

$75.00 - up to 30 pages, $1 additional for each subsequent page


All fees above, doubled

If a monitor of ABC is subpoenaed by a party, it is REQUIRED that the Visit Manager/Program Director be subpoenaed and attend court with the monitor as well. Two separate subpoena/court appearance fees will need to be paid.

A money order made out to Access Builds Children or invoice sent from Program Directors for the minimum Court Fee in the amount of $400.00 is to accompany the subpoena

Additional hours beyond the initial four (4) hours may be paid at the time of the court date or within five (5) business days after Court appearance.

The subpoena fee starts when the person(s) subpoenaed arrives at court and is not just for the time testifying in court.

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