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Fast answers to your questions


General Questions:

What is VP/RP?


  • VP = Visiting Party or the non-custodial party, RP = Residential Party or the custodial party.


How do I register to begin visitation as a visiting parent or a residential parent?  


  • Visit our “New Family Registration” page and follow the steps listed for registration.  Both parties must be fully registered before a visit can be scheduled.

I cannot reach anyone by phone, how can I get my questions answered?


  • Our staff has access to answer you by email or text during weekdays from 9am-5pm (M-Th) and 9am - 3pm (Friday). Phone calls are reserved only for visit weekends. If you need help or have questions please send us an email at or text us at 936-203-8297.  Please clearly explain your situation, and we will get back to you as soon as we are available to do so. 


I have filled out my intake form and paid my fee, why is my registration not completed?


  • In order to complete registration, you must email/text us the supporting documentation that is requested on our registration page.  We will not schedule your intake until these documents are received.  Once they are received it is your responsibility to reach out and schedule your intake session.

What is an intake meeting?


  • Intakes are done using the Zoom platform and are the second to last step in completing registration.  Intakes seek to explain how ABC works, its procedures, and rules.  It is important to read through all rules and procedures BEFORE the intake meeting.  During the meeting you need to be in a secure area with little to no distractions as you will be given important information regarding our program.  Intakes are not a platform for you to complain about your court case; we are not a legal entity and have zero control over your case.  It is simply to thoroughly explain the ins and outs of ABC so that your visits are smooth and enjoyable for all involved.  If you do not fully participate in the intake it will not count, and will need to be rescheduled and will be accompanied by a $30 reschedule fee.


I missed my scheduled intake, now what?


  • If you have missed your intake it is your responsibility to reach out and reschedule.  Your first missed intake will result in a $30 fee, the second time will increase to $60, and a third no show will be a $90 fee.  If you have missed your intake 3x we will no longer accommodate our services to you.

What do I do if myself or anyone in my household has tested positive for COVID or is experiencing COVID symptoms?


  • Please contact us immediately, as we will need to cancel the visitation for the safety of all involved.  If you have any supporting documentation please send it to us for us to keep on your file.  If we have back to back visits, we ask that you also send us a negative test result before scheduling or confirming for the next visit.


Residential/Custodial Parties:

If I am the residential party, why do I have to pay a deposit if my court paperwork says that the visiting parent pays for everything?  


  • The $100 deposit is refundable and will be returned once you no longer need ABC services.  You must pay it as it is there in place for incidentals from the residential parent that would be charged a fee.  These incidentals include: no-showing for a visit, not confirming for a visit, showing up late for a visit, cancelling outside of the 24-hour window for a non-emergency.  If ever you are charged one of the above fees, it will be deducted from the $100 deposit. If you are never charged a fee, you will receive the full $100 back once you are no longer in need of our services.


If I am the residential parent and I register following court orders, and the visiting party never registers, do I get my deposit back?


  • Yes, after 3 months have passed without any registration from the visiting party you can receive your full deposit back. It is your responsibility to contact us about receiving your deposit back.


Can the visiting party schedule visits with months in between visits?


  • After 3 months of not utilizing supervision services we will mark the visiting party as “Inactive” and a $40 fee must be paid in order to reinstate visits.  After 6 months of no visits, the file will be archived.  In order to re-activate the visiting party would need to register once more and pay the $100 fee again.  

If I am a residential parent, and need someone else to drop off my child what can I do?


  • Please email/text us to inform us that someone other than yourself will be bringing or picking up the child(ren).  You will need to provide us with their name and vehicle and have them display the pick up/drop off number in their windshield.

If I am the residential party, how do I know if the visiting party scheduled a visit?


  • During your intake an ABC staff member will explain how to create an account on our website.  You will create an account using the login button at the top right hand corner of our homepage.  THIS IS ONLY FOR RESIDENTIAL PARENTS.  Please ensure you enter correct contact information as this will be our sole platform of communications with you. Once you have created an account we will approve whether or not you qualify as a registered residential parent.  Once your account is approved you can login and will be able to view the “Visit Roster”.  You can only view this page when you are logged in.  From here you will look for your “pick up/drop off” number.  Next to this number you will see if the visiting party has confirmed the visit.  If so, you will also need to confirm using the button to the right.  If you will not be able to bring the child, you must give reasoning as to why.  If you will be able to bring the child, simply click “Confirm”.  The visiting parent has until the Wednesday prior to the visit at 5pm to confirm.  You must confirm that you will bring the child to the visit by the end of the day Friday if the visiting parent has confirmed.  If they have not confirmed you do not need to take any further steps.

Visiting Parties:

If I am the visiting party, how can I schedule a visit?


  • If the visiting party and residential party are both fully registered then you may schedule a visit on our website.  During intake you will be given a password in order to register for the visit.  You will click the “Confirmation” tab on our home page and enter the password you were given.  Be sure to include your name on this form.  The time window to confirm for a visit opens the Saturday prior to the visit and ends firmly at 5pm the Wednesday prior to a visit.  You will NOT be allowed to confirm for a visit past this time, no exceptions.  If you are having any technical issues whatsoever when confirming, immediately email us so that we can assist and get you confirmed before the cut off time.  Please do not ask us to confirm for you past 5pm on Wednesday, as the answer will be no.  

How can I pay for a visit?

  • You may pay for the visit ahead of time on our website using the "payment" tab, using the same password that you use to confirm for a visit. Please ensure to include your name especially if someone else is paying for you.  Each guest you bring is an extra $25. All payments must be made in advance through our website, no exceptions.

When can I bring guests?

  • After you have completed 4 full visits, you will be able to make a guest request. Guest requests need to be made by Tuesday before a Saturday visit using our form located on our website. You are allowed up to 3 guests per visits.  These guests must be blood related relatives or a spouse in order to be approved. There is a $25 guest fee for each guest, and they must adhere to all ABC rules and procedures.  Failure to do so will result in that guest being asked to leave and being barred from future visits.

What kind of food can I bring to a visit?


  • You can bring any food that comes in a fully sealed container (no homemade items).  We do have an oven, microwave, refrigerator, and freezer for you to access.  If you would like to order pizza for your visit please call Papa Johns at 936.756.8899 BEFORE your visit.  Due to it being a morning visit, you will need to call Friday and order and pay through the phone.  You will tell them to deliver the pizza to 100 Park Place at 11 am.  The contact number you give them should be our ABC number (936-203-8297) as you will not have access to your phone during the visit. There are no other delivery options that we currently allow; you cannot use any other food delivery service. 

ABC Policies and Procedures




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