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Guest Requests

Pursuant to the ABC Policies and Procedures, a Visiting Party may submit a written request to bring guests to a visit.

These requests must be submitted by 5PM the Tuesday prior to the Visit Date.

These requests will be approved or denied by ABC by 5PM the Wednesday prior to the Visit Date.



  1. You must have completed FOUR visits before a guest can attend a visit.

  2. The guest(s) requested cannot be a person named in the court order as someone who is enjoined from being around the children or someone who is not a blood relative of the child.

  3. All guests must be approved prior to arriving at the visit. Submission of the guest request does not consitute approval. You must receive an email approving the request.

  4. All guest request submissions are due by 5:00pm on the Tuesday prior to the weekend visit. Any requests made after the deadline will be denied.

  5. ABC staff will review the request, determine if the guest(s) will be allowed to attend the visit and will notify the VP prior to the scheduled visit to inform the VP if the guest(s) has/have been approved or denied.

  6. Guests must arrive the same time as the VP.

  7. The guest fee is $25.00 PER guest. Refunds will NOT be issued. Only those guests requested may attend, approval is NON-TRANSFERRABLE.

  8. Guest requests are required for EACH TIME you want to bring guests regardless if they have attended a visit before or not.

  9. All guests are required to follow all rules and policies of ABC. Failure to comply will result in termination of visiting privileges and a fine payable by the VP.

  10. Guest Requests do not constitute a booking for the Saturday Visitation.


By submitting this request and having a guest accompany you, you agree to the following:

  • I agree to instruct my guest(s) on ALL of ABC's Policies and Procedures so they will be aware of what behavior is acceptable during a visit and what behavior is not acceptable.

  • I understand that the Guest Fee is nonrefundable and nontransferrable.

  • I understand that my Guest Request may be denied if the visit is near or at capacity.

  • I understand that if my guest does not adhere to ABC's Policies and Procedures they will be escorted out of the visitation facility and will not be allowed to attend another visit for a minimum of 5 visits and possible termination of any privileges to visit with the child(ren) through ABC.

  • I understand and agree to all of ABC policies regarding guest rules and fees.

Guest Request Form
How many guests?

Thanks for your request!

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