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Some important things to keep in mind as you refer parents to our services is that both parties must be FULLY registered before visits can be booked. In order to register, please direct your clients to the New Family Registration page and instruct them to follow the instructions listed in their entirety; failure to do so may delay the registration process. All residential parties are required to pay their portion of registration deposit. Residential deposit covers any fees incurred by the residential party and will be returned in its entirety upon termination if no fees are accrued while using our services. Regarding the initial intake interview, all newly registered parents must attend as it will explain to them how to utilize ABC services; we do not schedule intakes the same day they are requested (e.g. a parent registering at 11AM Tuesday will not be able to get an intake in the same day). Please inform parents that registration takes a minimum of 2 days. Once the intake is completed, a parent is considered FULLY registered.

We offer visits every on the Saturdays that follow the 1st, 3rd, and 5th Friday of a month from 8AM to 12PM. Noncustodial (visiting) parents are required to book via the website no later than 5PM the Wednesday before a visit, no other forms of confirmation will be accepted. Therefore both parties must be FULLY registered before 5PM on Wednesday's prior to a visit in order to be able to confirm for the Saturday visit. Private and/or virtual visits are offered by request and may take up to a week to set up depending on parents' and staff availability.

Please also familiarize yourself (and your clients) with our fee schedule, found here. Please make sure all clients know records requests and visit summaries (as well as court appearances) are procured via subpoena from their representation, and those fees, while charged to their attorneys, will be passed along to them.

Potential clients can best reach us via email at

Thank you for your interest in the Access Builds Children Supervised Visitation Program!

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