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Pay For a Meal

Help bring families together by donating money for meals and to cover visiting fees for parents who cannot afford them. All proceeds fund the visitations directly!

Donate a Custom Amount

Donors are not restricted to our set donation tiers. Please use the button below to donate an amount of your choosing. Anything helps!

Bronze Tier - $150

Cover the cost of a visit for one family and a meal for all family members. Your gift will go to help a struggling parent meet their children and provide a meal to them.


Silver Tier - $250

A gift at this level covers the cost of 2 visits for a struggling parent as well as a meal for the family during the visits.


Gold Tier - $500

Donations at this level include the Silver Tier benefits plus 2 additional visits with meals. In total would provide 4 visits with meals to deserving families. 


Platinum Tier - $750

A Platinum Tier donation would supply meals for 10 families during our holiday visits such as Thanksgiving or Christmas. 

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