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Virtual Visitation

Visitation Information

Each family will be able to schedule one (1), one-hour virtual visit on weeks that we are unable to provide face to face visitation. The scheduled virtual visit does not have to take place on our regularly scheduled Saturdays. Given these unique circumstances, ABC will do its best to be flexible with timing. In order to schedule a virtual visit, please send us an email at with several dates and times you are available for the virtual visit so that ABC can coordinate with all parties in order to set up the virtual visit. 


Each virtual visit is $50.00, payable by the Visiting Party (unless your court order states otherwise). You may make payments through our site under "Book a Service". The same no show/late cancellation rules and policies apply to virtual visits; however, the first no show/late cancellation fee is $20.00 and every time thereafter is the full amount of the virtual visit, $50.00.

ABC will be using Zoom to conduct these virtual visits. Each family that schedules a virtual visit will be sent the necessary information to participate in the visit. Each visit will be password protected. 

In order to utilize Zoom for virtual visits, you will need to download the app on your electronic device or you may go to their website on an electronic device ( Once you have done so, you will need to create an account to login to Zoom with. Creating an account on Zoom is free. Once you are signed in, you will click/tap “Join a Meeting.” A screen will come up asking for the meeting ID and password. The meeting ID and password to join the meeting will be sent out to you once the visit is scheduled.

Zoom will provide us the opportunity to maintain the staggered “arrival and departure” for each party like we do at each in-person visit in order to maintain the “no contact” policy we have at ABC. The supervisor has the ability to admit each party into the visit when ready. The supervisor also has to ability to stop each participants video and mute their microphones. Therefore, the supervisor will admit the child(ren) into the visit first. Once the child(ren) is/are in the virtual visit, in a private area, and we are ready to begin, the supervisor will admit the Visiting Party into the visit. We will be admitting the child(ren) into the visit first in order to give the Residential Party time to help the child(ren) get set up and allow time for the Residential Party to vacate the room in order to maintain the “no contact” policy. Once the visit has begun, the supervisor will be hiding their view and muting their microphone. This will prevent any noise interruptions and will also remove the supervisors face from the screen to alleviate any discomfort. The supervisor will still be able to hear and see everything. The supervisor will remain in the virtual visit for the entire duration of the visit.


Residential Parties, depending on age and development, please provide your child(ren) with a private area during their visit with their other parent. Additionally, please setup the device for the child to utilize and facilitate to set rules for them not to touch or play with the device during the visit.  


Visiting Parties, this is an alternative being offered in place of in-person visits for the time being so you can maintain contact with your child(ren). Please understand that we cannot control the level of interaction during the virtual visit. Furthermore, we cannot control the internet connection on either party’s end. As a suggestion, please come prepared with topics that are appropriate to discuss during the visit and some activities to engage in virtually in order to get the most out of your virtual visit with your child(ren). One guest will be allowed per month, with a one weeks’ advance notice. Guests are currently limited to only siblings or extended family. This excludes: family friends,  boyfriend/girlfriend(s), or coworkers.

Please attempt to utilize a location that has strong internet connection to help prevent any disruptions during the virtual visits. The same rules and policies that are implemented at the in-person visits will be implemented for all virtual visits as well. As a reminder, you may visit our website at, click Visitation, drop down and click on New Family Registration in order to review those rules.  


If you would like to move forward with scheduling a virtual visit, please contact us.

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